Etiquette and procedure

  1. On entering the Dojo (hall) all Karate-ka (students) should say “Osu” loudly and with confidence.
  2. Always pay attention to the instructor and attempt to follow his instructions to the best of your ability.
  3. No eating, drinking or smoking is permitted in the dojo.
  4. Karate Gi’s should be kept clean and in good repair at all times.
  5. Finger nails and toe nails should be kept clean and well cut.
  6. Jewellery must not be worn. If it cannot be removed, it must be taped over.
  7. All Karate-ka should use the time before class as a period for warming up and asking the higher grades for information and advice.
  8. Instructors must be addressed appropriately: Sensei (3rd Dan or over) or Sempai (highest grade up to 3rd dan).
  9. When arriving late, you should kneel down at the side of the dojo and wait for the instructor to let you know if you are permitted to join the class. Always ask permission to leave the dojo for whatever reason.
  10. Any member found using the art of Karate for personal gain or conducting his or herself in a violent or rude manner will have his or her membership terminated.
  11. The dojo must always be kept clean and tidy. This is the responsibility of the lower grades.
  12. When sparring, association recommended groin guards, mittens and shin and instep pads are mandatory.